We follow DfE guidance requiring schools to give more details of lateness and absences in the class attendance registers. This is monitored by the Local Authority on a regular basis and our Inclusion Officer visits school each term to monitor attendance.

Our parents recognise the benefits of their child’s regular attendance at Prior Heath and so unauthorised absences rarely occur. Illness and religious observance are recognised as valid reasons for authorised absences. Permission must be sought for other absences such as family holidays as there is an expectation that these will be taken during the school holiday dates.  A Leave of Absence Request Form (PDF, 188.12 kB)  is required to be completed and submitted to the Headteacher for all absences other than illness.

In Year 2, Standard Assessment Tasks (SATs) take place between March and the end of May/beginning of June. If a Year 2 child is absent at this time it could mean tasks are missed and results incomplete.

Please do all you can to see that your child arrives in class on time and attends school regularly. Unauthorised absences will be marked as such in the class register. Similarly, lateness will be recorded for any child arriving after registration has been completed.

School Attendance Newsletter – 18th November 2020 (PDF, 285.73 kB)

Punctuality Leaflet (PDF, 141.24 kB)

Attendance Policy (PDF, 326.84 kB)