The principle aim of mathematics teaching at Prior Heath is to ensure that all children have secure knowledge and understanding of all age appropriate end-of-unit outcomes from the National Curriculum.  Once pupils have achieved this we seek to embed and deepen their understanding.  This will be facilitated using activities designed to provoke thinking through: exploration, observation, discussion, conjecture, explanation, generalisation, justification, evidence, linking areas of learning.  Children are encouraged to use these skills when approaching problem solving and investigation activities as well as using and applying mathematics in everyday contexts.  Teachers use a variety of approaches to teach mathematics including individual, group work and whole class teaching as appropriate.

There is a strong emphasis on encouraging children to talk about their methods and reasoning using appropriate mathematical vocabulary.  Children increasingly use written recording alongside their practical and oral work to support their developing maths skills.

Above all we hope that children will develop a positive attitude to mathematics and that it will be seen as an integral part of everyday life.

The Progression of Skills for Mathematics from Reception to Year 2 can be found here. (PDF, 394.45 kB)