Religious Education


At Prior Heath, our teaching and learning in Religious Education (RE) follows the Surrey Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education 2017-2022. The syllabus introduces children to different beliefs and how they affect how people live, as well as ideas about identity, belonging, values and commitment. Our intent is for children to make sense of what they have learnt in RE and gain religious literacy through shared experiences, reasoning and reflection. Our aim is for children to understand differences and live among the community as considerate and responsible individuals. We aim for children to know about and understand different religions, and learn skills to express ideas, beliefs and insights about their learning. Children are encouraged to reflect on all of these ideas and values, including their own whilst promoting their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.



The RE curriculum is implemented in a way that enables pupils to acquire and develop the knowledge, skills and vocabulary they needs to be successful. We provide a curriculum that also engages pupils in a meaningful way. Our RE progression from YR through to Y2 enables the children to develop, apply and embed their skills through weekly lessons building on what they already know and can do. In YR the children learn RE though 3 core concepts; Specialness, Celebrations and Belonging. These concepts are built upon in KS1 where the children will continue to study Christianity plus aspects of other religions (Y1 – Judaism, Y2 – Islam).



The impact of our curriculum is for the children to have a respect for other people’s values and beliefs as well having the skill to reflect on their own beliefs and values. Awe and wonder as well as thankfulness for all we have, is celebrated throughout the school. Our progression of skills ensure that children become thoughtful, respectful and reflective learners.

Teachers plan carefully to ensure that children make progress with their learning in RE. Assessment for learning is every lesson is used to inform teacher’s planning. Children are supported as required with opportunities for overlearning.



Regular assemblies provide opportunities to gather as a whole school to explore a range of festival and celebrations throughout the year as well as the school values of respect, kindness, friendship, responsibility, teamwork and perseverance.


If any parents have concerns about the teaching of RE, they are very welcome to discuss the matter with the Headteacher, especially if they are considering withdrawing their child from a lesson.


The Progression of Skills for RE from Reception to Year 2 can be found here. (PDF, 309.67 kB)