Religious Education

At Prior Heath we nurture sound moral values, kindness to others, and an appreciation of our part in the community and in the world. We aim to stimulate wonder, awe and thankfulness for all we have and aim to foster an awareness of the wider world through our support of charities and the local community.

The children will learn about religions by developing knowledge and understanding. They will also learn from religions by exploring, reflecting on and responding to religious beliefs, values and experience. They will study Christianity in each year group and aspects of other religions. Much of the teaching will begin with the children’s own experiences and concerns and interests. We also invite visitors from different faiths to talk to the children to foster a greater understanding and respect for other people’s beliefs and cultures.

If any parents have concerns about the teaching of this subject, they are very welcome to discuss the matter with the Headteacher, especially if they are considering withdrawing their child from a lesson.


A fifteen-minute assembly is held each day which is broadly Christian in content and encourages the children to respect the values and beliefs of others. It fosters a sense of community, provides opportunities to share common interests and reinforce school values.

Each week an additional Celebration assembly occurs where children’s achievement in all areas is recognised, including a focus on school values chosen by the children and staff e.g. respect, kindness, friendship, responsibility, teamwork and perseverance.

The Progression of Skills for RE from Reception to Year 2 can be found here. (PDF, 255.97 kB)